The Vision Isaiah Saw: Chapter 25

1. God! You are my god — I will exalt you; I will praise your name, because you have done miracles, given true guidance from long ago and far away, secure in truth:

2. You made what was once a town into a pile of rubble; made an armored city into a ruin; made a fortress filled with foreigners into nothing. For the rest of time it won’t be built.

3. And so a mighty nation will magnify you; a city of ruthless peoples will fear you,

4. Because you are power for the needy, power for beggars in their oppression; shelter from the deluge; shade from the scorching heat; when even the breath of the ruthless is like a deluge against the city ramparts.

5. You subdued the roar of foreign crowds like scorching heat in a desert, heat in the shade of a cloud. The song of the ruthless ones will be brought low.

6. And God with his Legions will make a feast,
For all the nations,
On this mountain,
Of fat things.
A feast of fine wine and fat cuts of meat. Fine, sophisticated wine.

7. He will devour, on this mountain,
The veil that veils over all nations —
The shroud spread across every race.

8. He will devour death forever, and my Master, God, will wipe tears off of every face.
As for the ignominy of his people: he will banish it from the earth —
For so God proclaimed.

9. And it will be said On That Day, ‘Look: our god. This is him, we put our high hopes in him, and he saved us. This is God; we put our high hopes in him — we will celebrate and rejoice in his salvation,

10. Because God’s hand will hover over this mountain, and Moab will be trampled under him, like straw trampled into a pile of dung.

11. And he stretches wide his hands in their midst, like a swimmer stretches his hands to swim, and he brings their arrogance low though their hands are cunning and deft.

12. He brings low the fortress and the lofty ramparts of your walls, humbles them, wrenches them to the ground, into the dirt.